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This night, I know he will not come,
The gentle swaying trees, a distant hum.
Lestat and I ... we had a fight.
Now I will finally destroy myself in the coming light.

A sigh of despair, I see HIS profile clearly,
Although nothing else in the world do I love more dearly.
He's spying on me - making sure his fledgling will be all right.
His expression is fearful and his eyes are bright.

"Not again Louis!" he sighs, stepping before me fast,
"I knew this truce just could not last!
Why are you trying to still end your life?
Its as cutting to me as when Claudia raised her knife"

Claudia ... he had to mention HER name,
And the hurt he'd suffered, he still considered me to blame.
I was just a suffering soul and couldn't interfere,
As I saw her little mouth open and taunt and leer.

I was as helpless then, as I am helpless now,
"Louis" he uttered softly "How can I help? How?"
"Love me" I cried "I need your gentle embrace"
Then I felt Lestat's body move against me, felt the shirt's lace.
I sighed, and felt him smother me with kiss after kiss.
And for a sweet moment, I understood the meaning of bliss.

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